It Happened

So in January I told myself that I was going to write more. It started when I went slightly overboard on a Thanksgiving weekend trip with a Facebook note about my family. Some things I can get carried away with, this might be one of them, but kudos to you for reading so far!

This blog is for stories about personal growth, day to day life, and the events that unravel in front of me.

When New Years Eve rolled around I was with some long time friends in the town I grew up in. While there, everyone was looking and talking about their year and what happened for them. I have been known to not express myself rightfully in the best times, so naturally it wasn’t a positive experience for me. I looked at 2016 and saw more negative than anything else. It wasn’t until the next day that my pessimistic mind shut down and I finally was able to pull out good things that happened. I made it a goal of mine to express myself more in hopes that I might actually become more positive by doing so.

Whether or not that will actually happen… Well we’ll find out when I reflect on 2017. Weekly updates are too dramatic for me, especially since I try to fill my time with work or hanging out with people who matter to me. You can expect one to two posts on here monthly (unless I get carried away). Thanks for reading!

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