“Can the leaves fall yet?”

This summer has absolutely nothing on the past. That being said, I’ve had a lot to write, but due to the exasperating level of stress I was under, every draft got deleted. Like most things that I write out or stories I tell, this one will have some form of build up and a happier ending (spoiler alert).

Let’s start from the beginning and make this a timeline! In May I took a beach trip with some of the greatest people I know. Braden and Nicki are two of my best friends and each of them deserves their own moment on this post.


Nicki– Nicki teaches me things and is my most relatable friend on an emotional level. I can open up to this girl about the universe and she keeps up like she’s been there with me through it all. I don’t actually know where I’d be in life without Nicki, she’s been a part of my life for such a long time. We used to recite ghost stories under serving tables at our after school care and we’re still totally cool with it. On an awkward level, we’re side-by-side cringing at people failing at shaking hands or something silly like that. Nicki is someone I hold closest in life, she’s my person.

Braden– I post about Braden a lot on social media, and I don’t actually feel bad at all. Braden is one of the most consistent people to step into my life. He’s supportive, encouraging and can power through anything. We can go months without seeing each other and when we finally reconnect it’s like no time has passed. He makes me a better person and inspires me all the time. We’re practically music soulmates and send new songs to each other all the time. I’d be in is corner through anything.

These two survived the Scappoose schools with me, they’ve seen me in my most awkward states of life and have watched me grow into who I am now. This summer they were there through it all and it only seems right to start and close another summer with them.  So the summer started great, took pictures at the beach, ate a lot of pizza in great company. Then June happened.


We had a relatively small group of people working at Pier pool this summer, but that’s not really anything new. There’s a lot about my job that I really like, and then there’s just annoying things that add up making things rough. Training new people or people new to Pier could’ve been worse, there’s always room for improvement, but moving forward in a leadership role was what I really wanted. Things were going pretty well for the start of the summer and I didn’t have much to complain about besides Aaron not knowing how to close in some form or another (he can close, he just forgets things and I roast him for it later).



That was June, and normally at the last week of June I’d head over to Twin Rocks Friends Camp and counsel Girls Camp. This year was the first time in seven years that I didn’t volunteer at Girls Camp and it was such a weird experience. It made me realize that Girls Camp sets the Twin Rocks summer off for me and that just really didn’t happen this year. Tween Camp immediately follows the week after Girls Camp. I finally got to counsel with a Kati who I met at camp as a camper my sophomore year. I loved everything about my Tween Camp cabin, first floor of Hadley is where it’s at. That being said, even though I gained a concussion playing a night game, I knew they only tackled me out of love trying to protect me from summer staff.


I went back to work for two weeks before returning to Twin Rocks for Surfside (high school camp). Jaime and I were support staff for the first time and that was a whole new experience. The thing that I love about counseling is that I’m dedicating my whole week to a small group and some tag-alongs from my past years cabins, and those bonds are what I feel makes camp. The thing I love about not counseling and just being support staff is that I get to watch counselors pour out their love to each camper in their cabin. Twin Rocks will always have a place in my heart, and every time I come back it will be for those campers who are searching for acceptance no matter what their walk of life may be. I aspire to be that role model that my counselors were and still are for me.


Right after Surfside was the week before my sisters wedding. That’s right, by very best friend got married this summer and it’s weird to think that we no longer have the same last name. All of the preparation that went into her wedding was crazy and seeing my whole family come together was a huge life event that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. It was a day meant for Jess and Freddy and I’m so excited about their future together!


That’s not even the end of it though, this whole reflection of what happened this summer has brought up all of the projects I’ve yet to complete. Things like my photography contest and finally unpacking my stuff got put on the back burner while I spent time prepping for whatever summer event was about to come next. I took a lot of trips around Oregon this summer, met a guy, rekindled old friendships, watched the moon block the sun for a brief moment. This summer was stressful, hot, and filled with people who I don’t imagine spending time with in the future. I’m okay with it, I’m okay with getting past this point and moving forward into the rest of the year. The summer is gone, I woke up to clouds in the sky and it hit me really hard just how much I’ve missed the rain.






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