2018 Changes

Welcome to my new years update! Thankfully it happened earlier than it did last year. 2017 I had a goal to try and be a more positive person, complaining less, searching for the silver lining. Honestly, that lasted me about four months before I had huge struggles trying to pull good things out of everything. So I wouldn’t call that goal a total failure, but maybe some revision could have happened had I dedicated myself enough.

That was last year though, that’s old news. This year I’m dedicating my blog to things that are hard to say out loud. I kept trying to make my blog posts into some kind of resource for other readers though, almost like a self help guide to being happy (let’s be real, it wasn’t my best idea). So over the next 12 months, unless stated otherwise, I plan on writing things out that I can’t word otherwise. That sounds like a diary right? Good thing it won’t have names and will have more of a story line. That and some of my life experiences are pretty funny.

Another thing, I’m not out here to write novels anymore. I went through and updated the theme, finally gave it an actual title after a year. Real work will hopefully go into this and it won’t just be my rambling anymore. I could still write about things that make me happy, or contribute to the group of people who press their opinions on controversial topics. The way I see it, if Logan Paul can make a fool of himself daily, my blog can be about anything! New year! Who dis!?


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